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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Subject This Semester

In this semester, I have seven subjects to learn and for surely it will be more difficult than the subject in the previous semester. The first subject is IMD 201, Access to Information. My lecturer for this subject is En. Muhamad Ismail bin Pahmi. He is very sporting lecturer. In this subject, we will learn how to access the information and more about the library. Actually, I've learn about this subject when I was in part 1 but it just the basic one so, it is not too difficult for me to understand what the subject is all about.

The next subject is IMD 202, Promotion of Information Products and Services. My lecturer for this subject is Pn. Nor Rashidah bte Mohamed. She already teach my class last semester in the subject IMD 154, Instructional Media Application. So, it is not hard to us to understand the way she taught us. This course introduces us the general overview of promotional of information products and services. Students also will be exposed each of the method of promoting both information products and services. This subject is a very interesting subject for me.

The most difficult subject for me in this semester is IMD 203, the subject about Support Services and Maintanence 1. This subject is more to Pc Maintainence. My lecturer is Ms. Siti Nuur-ila bte Mat Kamal. It is so difficult but it is also very fun to learn about pc .We can know the things inside the pc, what the motherboard is, what is the processor, where’s the IDE cabel, jumper or many others things inside the pc we will know. Anything about computer or pc we will learn in this subject. This is one of my favourite subject even though it is difficult to learn it and although sometimes my brain can burn out to understand this subject .

The next subject is IMD 255, Technical Support and Services in Information Agencies. My lecturer for this subject is Pn. Nor Dayana bt Abd. Rahman. This is also one of the difficult or killer subject in this semester. This course provide overview of technical sevices in information agencies which includes acquisitions, cataloging, serials management, preservation and some aspects of public services. This subject also I've learn when I was in part 1 but it just the basic.

BEL 311 or English for Academic Purpose is also my subject I will learn in this semester. My lecturer for this subject is Mr. Izuan bin Ismail. He is actually a very cool and kind person even though sometimes he is a very strict person. This is also one of my favourite subject. By learn this subject, I can improve my English to be more better than before. But this is the last semester I have to learn BEL subject because in the next semester I will take the MUET subject.

In this semester, I also learn about 'Pengurusan Ilmu Islam', CTU 264. And this is also my last semester I study about the subject of CTU. Ustaz Saidin is in charge for this subject. He is a very nice and funny person when teaching. But sometimes, I can't understand what is he teach us about because I feel very sleepy during his class. His class is at the evening so it will make me feel very sleepy, but I will try my best not to feel sleepy in his class. Actually, I don't like a reading subjects because I will feel sleepy when study it and I'm more on calculating because I like mathematic so much. But I got this Information Management course, full with the reading subjects and in this course there is no mathematics subject.

The last subject I learn in this semester is HBU 132, Civil Defence 3. This is a curriculum subject. I have to take this subject for three semesters, and this semester is the last semester I have to take this subject. My coach for this subject is En. Mohd Shukor bin Das and fortunately he is very nice person. This subject gives us a lot of knowledge. I hope this semester I can raise my pointer more higher than before. So, I think that's all I want to tell about my subject for this semester.

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