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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A New Semester Begins...

Time is running very fast and new semester begins. Two months holiday I feel like it just two weeks holiday at home and now i'm back to my second home, Uitm Segamat, uitm always in my heart and start a new semester. But in this semester I feel very lucky because I got a room at the ground floor so that I do not have to climb stairs to go to my room like previous semester. And fortunately, my roommates are all good, kind and friendly and very comfortable be with them even though we just meet each other. The two of my roommates are pre-diploma students and the other one is the same age with me, part 3 student but different course, she is a Diploma in Accounting student. All my lecturers this semester are all kind, and very cool person. I am also very grateful because I don't have to repeat any paper for the last semester subject. And this semester I want to be a very hardworking person to raise my pointer in this semester.

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