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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Being A Senior

Being a senior is an enjoyable experience. It was so cool being a senior..! You were the top of the heap, cock of the walk. I still remember when I was being a senior in a high school. All of my junior will afraid when they heard the words 'senior'. Hahaha..I don't know what they were afraid about but maybe they think that all of the senior are violent and like to bullying the junior. But sometimes, when we are being a senior we have a lot of responsibilities and we have to be a role model to the junior. I still remember when I was being a junior in high school, I was staying at the hostel and I was in form 1 at that time, my senior asked all the form 1 students to get the signature of all the form 5 students. We have been given only one week to finish it. Even though our senior asked us to do a strange things to get their signatures, we have not complained it and this makes the relationship between junior and senior became more closely. And then, when I was in form 5, I am a senior at that time, I have been doing the same thing that my former senior did to the junior. So, by doing that I will become more closely with my junior.

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