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Sunday, October 17, 2010

10 Facts About Me

I Love Jungle Trekking So Much!

Jungle trekking is one of
my favorite activities since I was in the high school.
I love the nature that's why I love to go for the jungle trekking. Rainforest hiking among giant trees, sheltered under a green canopy and surrounded by thousands of forest plants and tropical animals bring about exaggerated feelings. It makes me feel more peaceful.

I Appreciate My Mother and My Father

My parents are the most important things in my life. They are everything to me. Without them I might not exist in this world. They have sacrificed so much for me. So as a child, I should give as well as I can for them and appreciate them so much. I Love my parents so much..

I feel short compared to most my friends,

even though I'm probably not

All of my friends are taller than me and they always said that I am a little bit short but I think I am not that short. There are many people out there that are shorter than me. I think I still have the height and it is not too short. Hahaha...

I really really love karaoke!

This is also one of my favourite activities during my free time. For me, karaoke can be one way to relieve tension or stress. So, when I feel too stress I will go to karaoke box with my friends and sing as many songs as we can.

I always wanted to be in a real

haunted house and have to stay the night with a group of my friends

To be in a real haunted house and stay the night with a group of my friends there looks like a very silly activity.I know it is quite illogical but I think it will become an amazing and interesting experience that is really hard to forget about it.

I want to be a billionaire!

This is one of my dreams.

It seems like a dream that cannot be achieved but it can become a reality if we are trying in earnest to achieve that dream. If i become a billionaire, I would like to help people in need.

I love to laugh

Laughter is the cure for all diseases. I love to laugh because when I laughed, all the problems that hit me will be lost. All of the sorrow also will be forgotten. So, when I feel sad, I like to watch funny movie and I will laugh with a louder voice or with the highest volume.

I like to see the sea

Sea is the ideal place in order to relaxing our mind. The sea is also far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. When I see to the sea, I feel very calm inside my heart. It gives me a peace in myself.

I love to hang out with my friends

When I have such a free time, i love to hang out with my friends. We will go whenever we like. Sometimes we will go to the mall for window shopping. But usually when we go to hang out together, we go to the karaoke box first. Hehehe..

I really hate being sick

Being sick! Everyone hates it for obvious reasons. You feel weak, you feel tired. Sick always make us weak and unable to do anything. I really don’t like for being sick because when I am sick, i will just lie down and sleep. I can’t do anything that I like.

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