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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Love My Roommates

Living at the hostel since I was in form 1 make me don't have any problem to share a room with other people. For sure when we share a room with other people we coudn't have enough space or a peace and quite situation whenever we wanted. But, for me that are normal when we share a room with others and when we have a roomates we will not only share a room but we will share all of the happiness and sadness together. In this semester, I have four roommates in my room and they are all kind and friendly.

My first roommates is Siti Annura bte Sadali. I just call her Nura. She doesn't like when people call her 'Nora'. I don't know why and when I want to call her name I must pronounce it properly, Nura not Nora. She lived at Batu Pahat, Johor. She is also part 3 student but different course with me. She is studying in Diploma in Accountancy. Nura is also one of the members of Silat Cekak Hanafi. I rarely spend much time with her because she always busy with her club, Silat Cekak Hanafi. She is also very kind person and I love for being her friend.

My second roommates is Siti Rahayu bte Rashidi. I just call her Ayu. She
lived at Segamat. She is a Pre Diploma students and she studying in this Uitm for only 6 month, 1 semester. Only in this semester I can meet her unless if she continues study in diploma level in this Uitm. She is very friendly and talkative person. When she is in the room, the room will become so noisy with her story or her jokes. These make our room always full with fun.

My last roommates is Nurshila bte Ithnin. I just call her Shila. She lived at Mersing, Johor. She is also a Pre Diploma student, same as Ayu and both of them are classmates. Shila is a very nice person but she is not a kind of a talkative person. But, sometimes she can be a very talkative person. Only in this semester I can meet both of them, Shila and Ayu because they study in Uitm Johor for 1 semester only unless if they continues study in diploma level in this Uitm. I love my roommates and I hope I will get a roommates like this again next semester.

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